Best Down Comforter Reviews

Sleeping is the only time when we allow ourselves to get some rest. It must be free from stress, anxieties and worries. It can be an exhaustion from our day’s hard work. If you are a warm sleeper so your friends asked you why you would need a fluffy comforter during the period of night? Most of the answer is simple because we need a down comforter.

Whether it is a summer or winter, good down comforters have helped you to achieve the most relaxing sleep at bed. In the night, you would jump to your bed and cover yourself with this soft and comfortable blanket. Within a few minutes, you will definitely find you deep in sleep. You will never experienced that until you discovered a blanket which is filled up with goose feathers.

Have you ever wished you had a better and warmer blanket during winter nights? We reveal the best down comforter that you should add in your list. These types of blankets which were used only by elite people centuries ago can now be experienced by individuals from any walks of life like you due to its affordability. It will not only add luxury in your bed, but it will give you an amazing touch of warmth and softness that makes it the most famous bed covering. Although it is a little bit costly due to its thickness and type of fabric used, you are sure that it will give you lower heating bills and maybe it could be the last blanket you’ll ever buy.

Benefits of using Down Comforter over Traditional Blankets

Choosing to buy this kind of comforter will give you great benefits. One of its popular benefits is its capability to trap body heat, giving you a warmer feeling on a cold winter night. On the other hand, it will keep you cool during summer because it is highly breathable, keeping you from overheating and removes moisture and sweat away from your skin. This is a great benefit that you cannot get from traditional blankets. With traditional blankets, you may be required to buy up to 3 or even more during winter but with down comforters, you just need one piece.

This comforter is also lightweight but enough to keep you warm that you won’t need another blanket over you anymore. It is also very easy to care for. No need to wash it frequently. You only need a duvet cover so you will only wash it when you want to store it away or when it becomes soiled.

Another benefit that comes along is time saving when making your bed. Sometimes due to demanding work schedule, , we end up waking in a hurry that we don’t remember to spread the bed. If you use down comforter, it’s a matter of seconds before you are done with the spreading bit.

To guide you more on how to choose a down comforter, here are few considerations to follow:

  • Construction

Most of the comforter’s refers the type of feathers used for making blanket. It is called the most important part where the comforter relies on. You can select two types of feathers which includes Geese and Ducks. It is true that Comforters made of duck down are less costly than goose down.

It doesn’t mean that duck feathers can’t match the insulation than goose feathers. Both can provide an equal amount of insulation for a blanket. We know that Geese are wild which can be captured by many ways. For most of the time, Geese feather is difficult to collect because we need to use weapon for shooting down them from the sky. Geese feather can help us to get the warmth which we need. Ducks are cultured in farms so their feathers are easy to collect. If you are concerned about comfort, geese feather is unbeatable than ducks feather.

The construction of a blanket refers to how it was made and sewn together. We shall have to remember few things in mind that most of the comforters contain animal feathers which may be caused for allergies for users, but different manufacturers have own ways of making their products for our ultimate comfort. Most of the comforters may look cozier but these were not sanitized thoroughly. These may be caused for trigger allergic reactions. Some blankets have cozy and luxurious looks.

  • Fabric of a blanket

Another important part of a blanket is the fabric which ensures the quality of texture and feel of our comforter. In the current world, there are four most commonly used fabrics for down comforters, these are given below:

  • Cambric

This fabric has an excellent value with use of weaving. Many people like to use this for making a good blanket.

  • Damask

It has a great price with outstanding quality. We can use this fabric for making a nice looking blanket.

  • Sateen

This fabric offers high sheen and softer feel during the period of sleeping.

  • Batiste

This fabric is lightweight and high durability.

In order to help you make a good decision, we analyzed all the top rated down comforters in the market and we got 3 that scored highly in our rating criteria and are some of the best buys down comforters you can find at, check them out.

Benefits of using these fabrics

Longer and Incomparable of the blanket’s ability to trap body heat with temperature. It is true that Comfort during the summer season for its breathability which allows body moisture and sweat to pass through the blanket. It can easily prevent our body from overheating when we are in a warm sleeper.

All bedding are made of the lightweight materials which gives us comfort in the coldest winter nights and it is ease for us to make our bed in the morning.

How to select the Best Down Comforter?

Most of the people like to use a thick, warm and luxurious down comforters which will keep us warm on the coldest winter nights. It needs an investment, that’s why it is important to select one that fits our preferences and sleeping style. It comes in a variety of styles which is the best for one person that may not be best for another person. Now take time to find out exactly what we are looking for selecting a down comforter before we select one.

Tips for choosing a Down Comforter

Set a Budget within your limit

Calculate, how many down comforters do you need for your bed and how much you will spend on each one. We should Keep in mind that, the more we will spend, the longer our comforter will probably last for long time.

Select a Filling

Animal feather is a natural insulator that is found in waterfowl, ducks and geese. Most of the people like it because of the lightweight which provides warmth and comfort in bed. Bird Feathers have quills and ensure some insulation, but these are used to add adequate support.

Choose a right Fabric

Few down comforters are made by linen fabric while others are made with cotton fabric. We need to consider the thread for manufacturing a nice blanket. The thread will define how smooth the comforter fabric is. If we consider the higher the thread count, then we will have to use the softer and smoother comforter fabric will be. For most of the cases, Higher thread count means the weave is tighter. If we get hot when we sleep, we may prefer the air flow which comes to our body with a lower thread count.

Select the Thickness of a blanket

All down comforters are rated by a fill power where a number is used to indicate the amount of filling in the comforter. For most of the cases, it starts from five hundred twenty five fill power to 7 hundred fill power. For a lighter weight comforter, select one which has a lower fill-power rating. Select a higher fill power if we need extra warmth during the period of night.

Find a good Stitch Comforter

The filling of a down comforter can easily be shifted and bunch, It is essential to make a good down comforter. All higher quality comforters have stitching which prevents the filling from shifting position, it is called a baffle box stitching. With the help of baffle box construction, there is stitching down and up for the comforter which creates square shape.

Quality of the down comforter

Many Down comforter comes from the waterfowl like ducks and geese. All Down comforter has a three-dimensional structure which allows each cluster of the comforter to trap air and keep us warm which the synthetic materials can’t duplicate. All High-quality down comforter comes from a mature bird, but young feather has a poor fill power and breaks down within a short time. There is no difference between white and grey down.

Materials of a down comforter

Thread count defines the number of threads per square inch of a fabric. That’s why the softer, silkier and cozier of the down comforter will be. It is defined that the lowest thread count of 100 to 180 is referred to as a muslin fabric. A thread count is higher than 250 is treated as high quality cotton but the thread count between 400 to 600 is a luxury fabric. A barrier weave is known as a tightly woven which can keep down in our comforter but it does not leaking out. It is up to three times more leak-proof than other fabrics, but a tightly-woven fabric is manufactured for long lasting and keeping our down comforter in good condition. Our Sweet dreams will not be interrupted because the barrier weave can mute the sound of settling feathers in a blanket.

Attractive features of Down Comforters

A good down comforter is fluffy quilt and thick which is made of down. It comes from the fine feathers of duck or geese. It is another kind of comforter which enlightens up our mood with soft and warm materials that is the best for our bed. Though a down comforter is ideal for its shape and form which can provide us the utmost comfort but it does not have any ability to make the entire quilt heavy. A down comforter is really a good item in absorbing the heat. This extraordinary feature is known as wicking.

Another great feature of this down comforter is the fill weight. It is the quality of the down which we washed out, but the down comforter occupies space of 700 cubic inches compared with other blanket which can occupy at least 300 to 500 cubic inches.

Thus, it is a sense to fill the free space which would accommodate a much fluffier comforter that we would ever experience. It absorbs more warmth from our body that will help us sleep comfortably. To prevent the down from distributing the comforter, manufacturers use of baffle boxing or sewn through stitching. It is done to make these compartments which remains to fluffy from stitching. We know that Baffle boxing is the newest way to assure the down which will not limit its properties. It is packed in the inner compartments of the blanket. Although most of the electric blanket is warm, but it is not good for our fitness.  The electromagnetic field of an artificial blanket may be the cause of the problems when we left throughout the night.  Customers who bought this down comforters, will get to have a slice of heaven by its soft, light and warm producing properties.

Various facts of Down Feathers

A down feather has various facts which depends on the following characteristics, these are given below:

  • Eider Down is hand harvested by some experts. The color of this down comforters depend upon the season. During the winter months, our color choice turns from white to gray. After that when summer season comes, our color choice turns to brown. But in generally, most of the people like white color.
  • Brownish color is also piled up into the comforter which is not good to see but functional. It is depend on the month where it is harvested. It is better to understand its natural color which will stay than bleaching it because of the natural structure of the down comforter breaks when it is bleached.
  • Some eiderdown materials are used in comforters or pillows that are considered to the finest feathers in the world. But, it is considered as a luxurious element.

Performance of a down comforter

Compared to the other products of the down comforters can last longer than other synthetic counterparts. These materials are used on this product. It is true that Feathers of the down comforters are bulky in weight which have finer clusters than the ordinary bird feathers. It gives us a good night sleep that has the warmth which lets the air be trapped in the natural fibers. As like as other feathers, it doesn’t last longer than the down. These feathers easily loses its

fluffiness which contains quills that we can make us uncomfortable. It can easily go flat in shape making where the warmth should contain.

Take Care of a down comforter

To wash our down comforter more frequently will be causes the down clusters into few parts. It is a good practice to Wash it once in every five years. It is recommended for a comforter who used year round. A cover will protect a down comforter from getting damaged or dirty. If washing is necessary for your down comforter, please use a professional laundering service or dry cleaner. Our home washers and dryers are not well equipped to handle these large items.

How can we understand if it is real or fake?

Assuring ourselves for purchasing the best down comforter will be a great support in our sleep. Here is a list of the comparison of real down comforters with other down alternative comforters in the market.

  • To find out the real down comforters, a good down comforter is made of geese or duck feathers. These are literally fluffy and thick but other alternative down comforters is made of synthetic materials which look like a real bird feather made down comforter. Artificial comforters are made up of rayon or polyesters.
  • The price of a genuine down comforter is really expensive compared with artificial down comforter. Geese or ducks are an endangered species, thus a high quality of feather is now used for the manufacturing the down comforter, thus, it is more costly than other alternative brands.
  • A nice down comforter is warmer than the alternatives. Compared to other synthetic comforter, we will be able to know its differences by weighing. The genuine down comforter is light in weight which provides heat. The artificial down comforter is much heavier because it uses synthetic materials.
  • During the period of washing and cleaning our comforter, it must be properly dried before using. The fiber of the comforter is destroyed by the regular detergents compared with the synthetic elements.
  • It is true that many people have allergy to feathers of the birds or animals. Thus, some down comforters are responsible to be hypoallergenic to keep us from the allergens.
  • According to the report of manufacturers, Down comforters are sensitive when we washed. It can create tear if it is improperly cared.

Pros of a down comforter

We Know the benefits when we purchase a down comforters that will inform us to be educated in its properties and some limitations in washing. Here a list of its advantages are given.

A good goose down comforter is made from the finest feathers of ducks and geese that can make our comforter soft, lighter, fluffy and warm. It is difficult for other manufacturers to duplicate its own characteristics compared with synthetic materials. But

  • it looks same when it is concerned about thickness, if we rest under the layer of this, we would feel less comfortable than genuine one. It is possible because the air trapped in between the fibers which provides the ideal warmth than other alternatives.
  • Genuine Down comforter is hypoallergenic. People who are suffering from asthma or any allergies are safe for using down comforters which can breathe the air because it is made of natural fibers that are kept intact.
  • A nice down comforter is easy to maintain because its fiber can last longer. but it would be expensive than the artificial feather.

Cons of a down comforter

We can’t avoid our comforter from becoming go flat or yellowish. Now I am going to discuss about few cons of a down comforter, these are given below:

  • Moisture

Using too much moisture can crush the natural fibers of the down comforter. It destroys the tiny filaments of the cluster from the down comforter. Even the moisture is drawn away from the comforter, then the down comforter is stored for a long time which is not successfully freed from the moisture when it is placed in the warehouse. The moisture comes from dried or improper cleaning but it is still stored on the quilt. So, the best way to dry it to prevent moisture from the damage of the comforter before storing it properly.

  • Oil

Oil is a great enemy of a down comforter. Oils from our skin, lotions, facial creams or moisturizing creams are the main cause of the yellowing of our comforter. It is absorbed by the pillow shell.  In order to avoid this problem, we must avoid the use of these creams before going to bed. Keeping this practice can slow down the process of yellowing of down comforter.

Top 5 down comforters



It becomes an ideal comforter for our warmth which has necessities throughout year r ound. It is available in the queen size thus it measures 90 by 90 inches. The cover of the comforter is made of 100% Egyptian cover. The comforter is filled with goose feather only which has over 750 fill power.  Another great news is that it is hypoallergenic. Even if we suffer from allergies, we will not notice any discomfort.



It is smaller than the queen size, but we do not want it to fall over the edges in anyway.  The comforter is square in shape and measures 88 by 88 inches. The weight of the whole package is 6 pounds, thus it is

lightweight than other comforters. It doesn’t mention the comfortable feeling which is filled with 75% white down.



It is available in the queen size. The shape of this is square and measures 90 by 90 inches. Although this is not the queen size but it will perfectly cover our standard bed. This comforter is filled with more than 750 fill power but it has 100% goose down. The weight of this comforter is 50 ounces. The cover of the comforter is made of 1200TC Egyptian cotton for both luxury and durability.  It feels soft and smooth. We don’t need to be worried about the potential allergies but this down comforter is hypoallergenic.



This down comforter is commercialized by Better Down. It is a leading name in down comforters with other sleeping elements. It is not extremely comfortable, but it comes to world market with some lightweight properties. This down comforter is recommended for springs and cold falls, as well as winter season. This item may not be our best choice if we live at the South or North Pole. The weight of this down comforter is 27 ounces of white goose down which has a 550 fill power. The cover of the down comfort is made of cotton which can make a natural feeling, but this product comes with 233 threads and a good construction.



This famous comforter can be used for both full and queen beds. The measures of this comforter is 90 by 98 inches. This item is excellent for year round uses and it comes with 650 fill power. The weight of the down comforter is 34 ounces, so it has no ability to overwhelm us. We shall have to clean this comforter  3 to 5 years but Dry cleaning is recommended for this.


There is no question about the best customer rated down comforters which are relieving for them who are suffering from different types of respiratory disorders and allergies such as asthma. Before purchasing a good down comforter, we must verify the quality and utility.