Chezmoi Collection White Goose Down Alternative Comforter Reviews

Pros: Soft, fluffy, warm and comfortable. It can be machine-washed rather than dry cleaned. It’s allergy free thanks to its 100% hypo-allergic; an allergy free poly fiber used in making it. It is also highly affordable and comes in appropriate sizes to meet various bed needs.
Cons: It’s silky covered so not much fluffy like it would be if it’s cotton covered but still very comfortable. Not so heavy so you may need to add something heavier during tough winter days.

Chezmoi Collection White Goose Down Alternative Comforter, Full/Queen
with Corner Tab

If you want comfy, elegant and warm bed, you will need the Chezmoi down comforter. It has a handy quilt and covers that give you unmatched optimum pressure. This bedding version has natural and synthetic fiber and dovetails with various bed sheets. It also matches different bed sizes, including twin, king, full and cal-king, it is also larger to facilitate draping on the bed sides.

Chezmoi down Alternative Comforter is top-notch, allowing sufficient air circulation and maximum comfort. This comforter is also distinct as it uses polyester in lieu of white goose; this preempts hypersensitivity and irritations to pets.

Features of the Chezmoi down Alternative Comforter

It is offered in both queen and king designs. The King version is 102 inches x90 inches and the queen is 88 inches x88 inches. They are lightweight and compatible with duvet covers; the queen is 45 ounces and the king 63 ounces. It is full of polyester fibers that reduces the chances of allergic reactions and boosts sleeping comfort. It also machine washable and fluffy.

The design provides a wide range of colors to choose from, white, black, navy blue and purple. It comes with squares sewn to prevent the fluff from shifting to one location. Besides, you can put a duvet cover upon this comforter. All corners have a slim strap; this enables you to tie the blanket and keep beddings in place. It does not shift in the duvet cover, this is convenient.

Since you can use a duvet cover on it, this keeps dirt at bay, the covers also enhance the décor of your bedroom. Chezmoi down Alternative Comforter comes with air fully removed; this means the package is lightweight while air rushes in before use. The in-built box stitching curbs the shifting of your filling.

Pros of using the Chezmoi down Alternative Comforter

This down comforter is ideal as it provides an elegant and finished appearance for your bed. It is also highly affordable and comes in appropriate sizes to meet various bed needs. Rich with polyester, it gives maximum comfort and is fully vented. It is also perfect for persons who cannot use stand down comforters because of allergies.

When brand new, it does not have a bad smell or deleterious preserving chemicals. Providing warmth in inclement conditions, it allows free air circulation to curb high temperatures. Washing it is easy; you can use the machine-washer with cold water. The corner tie-attachments keep the duvet in correct positions. It has a nice touch and maintains the comforter, does not slide inordinately in the duvet cover. It has a sleek feel and embedded feathers that do not detach with ease.

It works for the allergic, vegans and vegetarians to give comfy without a hassle. Since it is ultra lightweight, it is easier to clean in the washing machine without occupying much space and you will not need to iron.

It is also comfortable even without a duvet cover where you cannot afford it. Using multiple covers with the comforter enables you to stay warm even during winters. Being fluffy and robust, it keeps you cushioned and warm.

Made from polyester, it differs from the down comforters that come with full cotton exterior. It fits standard, Queen and King sized beds and is ideal for those who want to enrich the interior glamour of their bedrooms.

It is a fabulous goose down alternative for comforting you throughout the year. The box stitching style prevents shifting, piped edges plus corner tabs keep duvet cover fully anchored. It is allergic proof and comes in allergy free polymer fibers.


The Chezmoi down Alternative Comforter is hypoallergenic tool that gives optimum warmth and sleekness to curb materializing of allergies. It is ultra lightweight and folds to fit in the washing machine. The down comforter is ideal for those who are grappling with the search for a comfortable yet affordable piece. It gives you substantial difference in sleeping comfy and preventing allergic reactions.

It is also offered in diverse colors; you can use its bright colors to enhance the interior décor of your bedroom. You will find it compatible with small and large-sized beds as it has tightening attachments at the four corners of your bed.


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